Lyndhurst House, Aldeburgh

Lyndhurst 1 Lyndhurst 1

From outside of the property, it is impossible to appreciate the work that went into the conversion of this iconic house, situated on the sea-front in the town centre, to three dwellings.

The only original part of the house that remains are the external walls and the roof tiles.
The ground and upper floors, roof structure, internal walls, doors, windows, electrical, heating and plumbing are all new. Even the retained external walls required extensive repairs.

Work commenced in spring 2017 and was finished in spring 2018.

The client employed a specialist kitchen/bathroom contractor to fit out the kitchens, cloakroom and six bathrooms.

The old building has been re-juvinated by the work and enhances the already unique Aldeburgh sea front views.

Having been happy with our efforts on this contract, our clients and their architect have engaged us on a further project.

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